Comprehensive Guide to Photoshop Basics for Teachers – Part 2

This webinar session is FREE with purely hands-on activity and comes with FREE Certificate.

For initial registration, Follow these 4 simple steps:

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3) Select “Going” on the event response.

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Is that all? YES!

NOTE: We will NEVER ask or require you or anybody to submit any ID Card. We value data privacy. This event is open for all..

1) Laptop or Desktop
2) Installed Adobe Photoshop (CS4 or Higher version)
3) Stable Internet Connection
4) Prerequisite Video (MUST WATCH FIRST):
5) Bitmoji Account
6) Required Files

Additional Requirement:
1) Patience
2) Engagement

Youtube Live online lecture and hands-on
Duration: 3 hours
– To get a certificate, you need to answer the post-webinar survey and PASS the quiz.

Youtube link:

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