ONLINE SAFETY TIP: Be a Digital Responsible Citizen!

ONLINE SAFETY TIP: Be a Digital Responsible Citizen!

Here are Things NOT to Share Online!

*Private Data – is an information exclusive for a person or group of individual that can be reasonably expected to be secured from public view.

1. Vacation Plan – Going to a vacation is sounds fun but broadcasting your actual schedule and plan online will give an opportunity for the bad guys to carefully plan their moves on how to break into your house.

2. Business Meeting – The world is full of competition, would you be happy if someone steal your business ideas?

3. Performance Data – Being proud about your test scores, achievements cards, certificates and etc. is not a bad idea but do not post it without tampering the sensitive details like signatures, id number, date issued and etc. to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

4. Intimate Chat – Being in love is one of the best thing in this world but be mindful with your partner and do not post everything happened under the sheet because it also a sign of poor personal boundaries.

5. Behavior Data – We are now on the Age of Wearable Technology where everything is being recorded like how many hours we slept, how many kilometres we walked, how many kilograms we lose and etc.. By this technology we are now fully aware of our physical strengths and challenges then if you upload it online, would you be grateful if someone will exploit your weaknesses?

6. Unclothed Photos/Videos – If you can’t stop yourself visualizing your superior body parts by your naked selfies then there are safe places where you can securely store it, because If these sacred assets was leaked to public then it will be a serious long-lasting problem to you, you may suffer emotional distress from stalking, harassment and i think no one would like to experience being raped digitally, right?

*Sensitive Data – is an information that must be protected against unauthorized access to avoid chaos.

1. Medical Records – Would you want your friends, classmates, co-employees, employers, and family to know your entire medical history? Would you like to experience medical discrimination and embarrassment?

2. Political Views – Your political post sometimes rants is probably not helping anyone to make a better decision for the greater good and in fact you may have a highly chance of getting more hateful thoughts and misunderstanding. There are better ways to to prove your point than a post.

3. Religious/ Cultural Beliefs – Debates on religious and cultural beliefs is endless, A wise man holds back and avoid unnecessary fight. We must appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity in our world and treat each other with respect.

4. Financial Information – posting an image of your credit card, debit card, ATM card, etc. or even posting your mother’s maiden name which is common secret question to some system, is a terrible idea and may lead you to bankruptcy. There are various methods that can hijack your account and wipe out your money by using that little amount of information from you.

5. Sexual Orientation – In some countries homosexuality is illegal, would you like you or your friends to be in prison for not being straight?

6. Biometirc Data – Our face, hand, finger print , voice, and eye iris is valuable data that every system want to collect from us to create a better customer experience. If you have a no idea what’s that for and have an option not to do it then you may think about it, would you like to be recognize in some places even you haven’t been there before?


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